What is it?

Play Radio: A Day of Play and Broadcast from Somethin’ Else

Everyone Loves Radio
You can listen at home, in the car, in the bath… pretty much anywhere. You can hear any type of music you want, check the news, laugh at some comedy… but the types of interactions people make with the radio haven’t changed much in 100 years. We want to change that, to play with it and bring radio out of its comfort zone.

Who Are Somethin’ Else & What Is Play Radio?
Somethin’ Else are the biggest radio indie in Europe and a well respected digital agency. With over 60 people in the building working across digital and radio we are perfectly placed to try out some new ideas. Have a look at our website to find out more of what we get up to day to day.

Play Radio is a day of radio broadcast from Somethin’ Else HQ on 7th July. On that day we will be play testing a series of interactive radio ideas. Some of these have come from within Somethin’ Else but, as we clearly don’t know everything, we are also working with a selection of external companies & individuals on some of the ideas.

The brief for the day is simple: to help us (and our clients) think differently about radio. We want to revel in collaboration and mix-up gaming, crowd-sourced content and traditional skills to make something really different… and a little scary. In this spirit some ideas will undoubtedly fail, but as we are providing crates of imported European lager on the day, these glorious follies will be saluted!

What can I hear?
On the day we are broadcasting 6 different shows between 12pm & (approx.) 4pm. They are:

– The People’s Broadcast: A crowd sourced, interactive discussion/documentary/chat show
– Play Radio News: A user sourced political/news satire show
– Pay List: A listener driven music show
– You Can Not Be Serious: An interactive quiz show
– Date Radio: An interactive dating show
– Play For The Day That…: An interactive drama/comedy

So, tune in on Wed 7th and interact…

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