Play For The Day That…

So – the day has finally arrived!  Play Radio are creating a live, interactive drama as part of their day of experimental radio.

We’re leaving it wide open – YOU get to choose the characters, the locations, the situations…. and we’ll take it from there.

Listen later today to shape the play more as it’s live on air…

Live Chatroom

When we’re broadcasting, come back here to influence the course of the drama, live.

Or you can launch the Play For The Day That… chatroom in its own window.

What should I expect from the Play for the Day That… ?

We’ll have 3 live acts throughout the day, each act will be five minutes long, going out at 1:20, 1:40 and 2pm on Wednesday the 7th of July, 2010. Here’s the situations you wanted to hear our actors in…

Act 1 will be set in a locked toilet on the day that Thatcher comes to power.

Act 2 will be set at a school reunion on the day that World War is declared.

Act 3 will be set at a funeral, on the day that Michael Jackson is resurrected.

You can continue to influence how the drama unfolds during each act by interacting with us as the drama goes live, we’ll be asking you to suggest words and sentences you’d like dropped into the conversation, to send in pictures of other characters, as well as suggest who should live and who should die!

Thanks to everyone who voted for the characters in Play For The Day That.  The votes have been counted an verified (sort of!) and we can confirm that tomorrow’s play will feature:

  • A Private Secretary to the Queen who  has only a few days to live.
  • A bird spotter who burnt down their school when they were younger.
  • A kleptomaniac who is psychic.
  • And a necrophiliac who is (also) strangely attracted to Gary Glitter.

What more do you need to know to want to tune in?!  Join us and out amazing actors tomorrow to have more say on what happens in each act throughout the day.  Watch this space for updates…