A Play Radio Update

So it’s been a few weeks since Play Radio was broadcast, but that doesn’t mean the cogs have stopped turning…

First, thanks to everyone who took part in the day, listened to the shows and contributed. We feel it was a huge success and while some of the shows are a little rough around the edges they’ve been great starting points for shows we’re now developing for broadcasters.

In case you missed the day, below you’ll find a short description of what went out and some audio ‘highlights’ that you can listen to. We must stress that these shows were live and all of them used genuine audience interaction.  We recognise that these are not the polished programmes that you would expect to hear on the radio, but they were a great launch pad and we’re now developing them using the learnings from the Play Radio day.

The Paylist:

The Paylist Highlights by SEPlayRadio

This was a themed music show where the listeners submitted their topical five-track ‘Paylist’ on to the show’s Facebook page. Listeners were then invited to vote for their favourite Paylist, with the most popular being broadcast.

You Can Not Be Serious

You Can Not Be Serious Highlights by SEPlayRadio

‘You Cannot Be Serious’ was an irreverent, interactive sports quiz show presented by Ruth Barnes and Pete Donaldson. This wasn’t your normal ‘Who won the World Cup in 1994’ quiz; Each multiple choice question was preceded by an audio clip – such as identify the tennis player’s grunt, or work out which famous goal the six year old is describing. Participants entered their answers via an online answer card and the winner was announced at the end of the show.

The People’s Broadcast

The People’s Broadcast Highlights by SEPlayRadio

This was an audience sourced magazine show. Earlier in the week, before broadcast Steve Ackerman, MD of Somethin’ Else, was interviewed about the recent news that BBC 6 Music had been ‘saved’ by the BBC trust, and his opinions on what that means for digital radio and the BBC’s digital strategy. Listeners were then invited to listen to the interview in full and give their feedback and ask follow up questions.  Steve then joined the presenter, Jez Nelson, live in the studio during the Play Radio day and the listener’s questions were put to Steve along with the relevant parts of his original interview.

Date Radio

Date Radio Highlights by SEPlayRadio

Date Radio gave single guys and girls a chance to find a date… and maybe love. On the Play Radio day, singleton Sarah Jane was invited in to the studio to find someone to go on a date with. Prospective lotharios submitted their profiles online and then a shortlist of 4 men were chosen. Each of the potential dates called in to the show and tried to win Sarah Jane’s affections, while the listeners voted and passed judgment online. It was a very happy Rob who got chosen by Sarah Jane in the end.

Play Radio News

Play Radio News Highlights by SEPlayRadio

Play Radio News, presented by Ben Chancellor, delivered a wry, comical look at the week’s news & big stories.  In the lead up to the show the audience were invited to suggest news stories they’d found interesting via Twitter & Facebook. Ben and his co-horts (Danny Robbins, Alex Perry and Jesse Morgan) then picked the best stories to discuss on air. Listeners could also interact with the news team during the show with their thoughts and comments on the stories being discussed.

Play For The Day That…

Play For The Day That… Highlights by SEPlayRadio

Play For the Day That… was an improvised radio comedy drama in three acts, where the audience were able to shape the way that the drama unfolded live on air.

The audience were invited to decide who the characters were in advance of the live broadcast, as well as where it was set and on what day… Comedy was most definitely at the heart of this drama.

The audience determined that our four characters were made up of a private secretary to the Queen who only had a few days to live, a bird spotter who burnt down their school when they were younger, a psychic Kleptomaniac and a necrophiliac who was attracted to Gary Glitter!

Our actors certainly had a lot to work with but that wasn’t where it ended. With all these character and set locations in place the listeners could take the drama in any direction they wanted by submitting words, images and sentences that they wanted incorporated into the dialogue as the play was on air.

With interaction as integral as the comedy aspect, we really did end up in some very bizarre and hilarious situations, who would have thought Jeremy Kyle would turn up at Michael Jackson’s funeral!?

As we said, all these ideas are currently in development into fully-fledged radio shows. If you have any questions about the day or any of the shows then please get in touch with Tom Koenig (tom.koenig@somethinelse.com) or Sam Cocker (sam.cocker@somethinelse.com).

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