The People’s Broadcast – change of plan

Have you ever wanted to listen to an interview in full before it’s broadcast? What have they cut out? What don’t they want you to hear?

The People’s Broadcast does just that. We interview the people YOU WANT US to interview on the subject YOU WANT to know about.

These interviews are then uploaded online, in their entirety prior to the broadcast for you to get the real scoop.

Have we asked the right questions? Do you agree with their answers? Comment on the audio, ask more questions, start the debate.

The live show…

The subject of our first (and only) live show is: The BBC’s Digital Strategy. An interview with Steve Ackerman will be uploaded on our Facebook fan page.  His many years of experience in the radio industry and running Somethin’ Else has given him a real expertise in this area… Listen, comment then tune in LIVE on Wednesday 7th as he faces your comments and questions directed at him by legendary broadcaster* Jez Nelson. There will also be a chat room and a Twitter for you to take part on the day.

Get involved – Monday afternoon and LISTEN LIVE on Wednesday at 3pm.

Please Note:
The original topic of the People’s Broadcast was meant to be about the closure of BBC 6Music. Because of the BBC’s announcement about the saving of 6Music yesterday we have had to change the topic of the show at the last minute, meaning the interview will be available a little later than planned.

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